Technical Workshop

Technology Training That Works

We deliver engineering and technology training that will maximize your business goals. In today’s competitive environment, you  require training that will help you and your organization to achieve its goals and produce a large return on investment. With our “Training that Works” objective you and your organization will:

  • Get job-related skills that you need to achieve your business goals
  • Improve the operation & design of your equipment and plant
  • Improve your troubleshooting abilities
  • Sharpen your competitive edge
  • Boost morale and retain valuable staff
  • Safe time and money

Expert Instructors

We search the world for good quality instructors who have three key attributes:

  1. Expert knowledge and experience – of the course topic
  2. Superb training abilities – to ensure the know-how is transferred effectively and quickly to you in a practical hand-on way
  3. Listening skills – they listen carefully to the needs of the participants and want to to ensure that you benefit from the experience each and every instructor is evaluated by the delegates and we assess the presentation after each class to ensure that the instructors stats on track in presenting outstanding courses.

Professionally Staffed

AMAZE Technologies consists of an enthusiastic and experienced teak that is committed to providing the highest quality in consulting services. The company has professional engineers; quality focused support staff, as well as a vast resources base of specialist in their relevant fields.

Client Focused

AMAZE Technology independence and impartiality guarantee that clients receive unbiased advise and recommendations, focused on providing the best technical and economical solutions to the client’s specific and individual requirements.

“flexible solutions for your business needs”


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