Soft Skills

Essential Skills for Managers

This absorbing workshop gives you an in-depth insight into your managerial style. It concentrates on developing your skills through a questioning and analytical approach which will enable you to better understand, communicate with and lead your team. This workshop will take place on:

Communication for Collaboration

A combination of individual coaching, great tips and techniques within our lively interactive training program will transform your team into a dynamic  and cohesive unit which works together and also communicates more effectively with clients. This workshop will take place on:

Customer Care Excellence

The Customer Care excellence program focuses on many aspects of professionalism including: fundamentals of excellent customer care, employee attitude, mind-set & general image, tips & tricks of enhancing the client experience. This workshop will take place on:

Management and Leadership Excellence

Leadership is a vital aspect of effective management, the responsibility for ensuring that each person gives of their best. Our Leadership program covers all the aspects of the vital transition from Manager to Leader including: transactional analysis, assertive v aggressive management, giving effective feedback, business acumen, assessment of key strengths & development, basic & advanced management skills. This workshop will take place on:

Sales Skills

Sales Skills Workshop participants learn to sell more effectively to current accounts and to generate new business at prospective accounts. This sales training program teaches salespeople various sales techniques, how to plan and conduct effective sales calls, and to follow a sales process that utilizes effective questioning and consultative selling techniques. This workshop will take place on:

Negotiation Skills

This very stimulating workshop introduces the skills required to take part in successful negotiations. It introduces a systematic approach to preparing and conducting negotiations at all levels. On this course you will analyze case studies, discuss real life experience and take part in simulations. This workshop will take place on:

Telephone and Email Skills

This key course will give you the skills to provide customers and prospective customers with a first class service over the phone. With the aid of role plays, videos and group discussions, you will learn the correct way to make a good first impression, take clear messages, listen positively and handle problems with confidence. This workshop also provides you with an in-depth understanding of how to write to customers in a style that focuses on them, builds better relationships and improves your company’s image. You will write case studies related to your workplace and receive feedback from your trainer and other participants on your strengths and areas to improve. This workshop will take place on:

Presentations and Public Speaking

This insightful workshop will help you develop your confidence and skills in giving speeches. You will explore techniques for preparing and delivering talks, as well as exploring ways to engage your audience in a range of situations.

Time Management

This helpful workshop gives you the tools to overcome the barriers to working efficiently and effectively. You will discover a range of techniques for prioritizing tasks, dealing with time wasters and managing yourself and others. You will participate in a series of exercises, discussions and hands-on activities that relate time management techniques to your daily life.

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