ESD Manufacturing Best Practice

On September 1, 2013

esd1When you incorporate electronic components or boards into your products, ESD damage can have a direct impact on your company’s reputation and profits. That is because electrostatic damage directly affects the quality and reliability of your products. However, for a small investment in time, manpower, and equipment, you can virtually eliminate ESD-caused problems. The tangible benefits to you includes:

• Higher manufacturing yields

• Less rework and inventory

• Reduced overall costs

• Fewer field failures and warranty calls

• Increased product reliability

• More repeat business resulting in greater profits

ESD Manufacturing Best Practice training program is intended to  help companies and organizations improve ESD safetyesd2 proactively in an ever-changing landscape. A two-day training program, developed at the request of manufacturing industries, prepares production staff and supervisors to safely handle  printed circuit board.

This training covers definition of electrostatic charge and discharge, types of failures, ESD occurrence, device sensitivity, ESD impact, preventing and controlling and many more. It is a must attend training for industries that strictly practice ESD Safety.

Click here to discuss a program that fits your needs.

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