Dealing Effectively With Change

On July 26, 2013

Organizations don’t just change because of new systems, processes or new organization structures. They change because the people within the organization adapt and change too. Only when the people within it have made their own personal transitions can an organization truly reap the benefits of change.

This workshop shows participants the multiple transition stages individuals go through during the change process and how to effectively deal with the challenges of  each stage.  To enhance learning, we will be sharing proven and widely used change practices and principles in an interactive and fun way.

The workshop experience will help  build personal and organizational capacity  to successfully embrace change in a rapidly changing world

Dealing Effectively With Change adapted from “Who moved my cheese”®


This program is design for participants to :

  • To provide thorough understanding of the stages of  personal transition and organizational change
  • To provide participants with  a positive way of looking at change
  • To give participants a common language  and tools that will help improve theirs and their organization’s readiness & agility to  change

What You Will Learn

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to :

  • Have deep understanding  of the feelings/emotions that people go through when they experience change
  • Diagnose and deal with the different stages of the transition process to help accelerate change in the organization
  • Apply  change process and tools to enhance  their own effectiveness as advocates or leaders of change

Please drop us an email requesting for the full course outline.

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