Analyzing and Charting with MS Excel

On August 13, 2013

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application used to perform calculations, statistical analysis and other related operations through the powerful tools that built in the software itself. This course will help you to create professional charts, functions and formulas for the project assigned. It also lets you working with other application by converting, copying, embedding and linking objects with MS Excel.

This course is designed to help the participants :-

  • To understand and apply the basic concept of spreadsheet, graphics and database facility in Microsoft Excel.
  • To explore the intermediate functions of Microsoft Excel program.

Among the topic that would be discussed are


  1. Using Databases ( Using the Excel database features, Using database terminology )
  2. Creating And Editing A Database ( Creating an Excel database, Working with an Excel database, Assigning a database list, Creating an assigned list, Adding summary formulas to an assigned list )
  3. Sorting Database ( Sorting data within a database, Adding other sorting criteria )
  4. Using Autofilters ( Filtering data, Filtering data with AutoFilter, Specifying a conditional filter with AutoFilter, Using the Top 10 AutoFilter, Removing all AutoFilters )
  5. Advanced Filters ( Using Advanced Filters, Removing all Advanced Filters )
  6. Working With Filtered Data ( Manipulating Filtered Data, Totalling fields within a filtered database list, Creating Subtotals, Remove Subtotals )
  7. Using Data Forms ( Using a Data Form, Adding a new record, Moving between records, Finding records, Editing a record, Deleting a record, Closing a Data Form )


  1. Chart Wizard ( Using the Chart Wizard, Selecting the Chart Type, Specifying the Data Source, Customising the Chart, Defining the Chart Location )
  2. Chart Toolbar ( Displaying the Chart toolbar, Using the Chart toolbar, Selecting a Chart, Selecting Chart objects )
  3. Working With Charts ( Changing the Chart Type, Adding data to a Chart, Removing data from a Chart, Moving a Chart, Resizing a Chart, Deleting a Chart )
  4. Formatting The Chart ( Formatting the Chart Area, Formatting the Chart Title, Formatting the Plot Area, Formatting the Axis, Formatting the Axis Title, Formatting the Legend, Formatting the Gridlines, Formatting the Data Series )

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