• Safety & Quality

    Factory overview and certification
    Environmental citizenship
    Control of nonconforming product
    Design for manufacturability

  • Engineering Technologies

    Comprehensive advance manufacturing training
    Adapting skills and knowledge in conventional machine operations
    Learn the process, how it works & the machines
    Computer numerically controlled (CNC) machine tools, simulators, and advanced CAM software

  • IT Solutions

    Fulfilling demand for programmers around the world
    Learn from professional developers
    Write versatile software programs
    Caters beginners, intermediate & advance level

  • Human Resource

    Managing momentum / People matter
    Help meet organizational changes
    Regulatory and Legal Compliance Training
    Core competencies identification

  • Technology Training

    Providing practical and useful technical training
    Comprehensive Learning
    Top-Level Instructors
    Solve your Companies Issues

  • AMAZE Technologies

    Specialist in career and workforce development
    Providing relevant programs, products
    Services that reflect the realities of today’s working world
    Solution to workforce training challenges

Quality Management

Total Quality Management (TQM) Series; ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System (QMS) Series; Driving The Organization Towards Excellence After ISO 9001:2008; ISO/TS 16949:2009 Automotive Quality Management System Series

Industrial Relations

Understanding Employment Act 1955; Recruitment & Selection; Performance & Rewards; Employee Relations; Domestic Inquiries

Technical IT Courses

JAVA Programming Language; C++ Programming Language; Python Programming Language; Visual Basic; Visual C++ Programming Language

Soft Skills

Corporate Team Building (Outdoor & Indoor) ; Leadership Skills; Train the Trainer; People Development; Dealing with Change (adapted from Who Moved My Cheese)

ESD Manufacturing Best Practice

When you incorporate electronic components or boards into your products, ESD damage...

01st Sep

Quality Management

Learn how to apply the fundamentals of total quality.Understand what quality is...

14th Aug

Analyzing and Charting with MS Excel

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application used to perform calculations, statistical analysis...

13th Aug

OO Design & Application in Java

Wildly popular due to its interactive multimedia capabilities, Java programming leads the list of Internet development skills in current commercial demand.

12th Aug

Introduction to Injection Molding

This short course introduces the Injection Molds parts functions, manufacturing process. This course...

11th Aug

Your Rights – Employment Act

The Employment Act, 1955 is the main legislation on labour matters in Malaysia. Malaysia’s business environment is generally strike-free.

28th Jul